Creepy masquerades, hangover cures, and free sneakers in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

From Deleter's video for 'Gunning for Masks.'

From Deleter's video for 'Gunning for Masks.' YouTube

This weekend, Minnesota reaches its peak: State Fair season.

Be sure to work some local music into your visit this year. Most local acts are playing for free, so it’s a good time to sit down, cool off, and process those thousands of calories you’ve ingested. With over 900 shows at the Great Minnesota Get Together this year, try to see some Local Frames alumni plying their trade for Pronto Pups.

Here are my picks for best local music at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair: Sarah Morris (Aug. 23, 6 p.m., BUZN Radio), Chastity Brown (Aug. 31 and Sept. 1, 7 p.m., Schell’s Stage), Black Market Brass (Aug. 31 and Sept. 1, multiple sets, International Bazaar), and Har Mar Superstar (Sept. 1 and 2, 8:30 p.m., Leinie Lodge). Get out there and get together!

Deleter – “Gunning for Masks”

Local espionage-punk band Deleter are back to remind you just how fucked up things are if you peel back the layers. In the video for single “Gunning for Masks,” actor Brieann Thelen masks and unmasks at frightening speed, rolodexing through identities as tarot cards fall to the table, and director/Deleter frontman Knol Tate uses this as a metaphor for the song’s themes of distrust and exploitation. Deleter’s new record, Levitate the Pentagon, drops on Friday with a show at Mortimer’s. Self Evident and Dosh fill out the evening’s roster.

Mic Q.A ft. Summitt – “French Toast”

Something about hangovers inspires great rap. In the video for “French Toast,” Minneapolis rapper Mic Q.A and his friends wake up after a big night out, reminiscing about the successes and failures of the previous evening. Of course, their french toast-fueled recovery dovetails into a rap song, and his homie Summitt jumps in to sing away his cobwebs. “French Toast” was shot by Matt Wales and directed by Mic Q.A and Summitt themselves.

Bona Phide ft. Ricci Milan – “Dope Shoes”

“Turn off the damn news, put on some dope shoes.” That’s the message Minneapolis rappersBona Phide and Ricci Milan want to deliver with their latest video. “Dope Shoes” not only celebrates the escapist fun of being a sneakerhead, but it also offers fans the chance to win free sneaks. If you share “Dope Shoes” on Facebook , you’ll be entered to win one of two pairs of shoes the pair are giving away. If that doesn’t take your mind off the orange dingus in the White House, nothing will.

Daytym – “Hardcore 4Play”

No choruses and barely a breath taken—that’s how Minneapolis hardcore rapper Daytym likes it. In the video for “Hardcore 4Play,” Daytym drops punchline after punchline, maintaining his high-voltage delivery the entire time. In the Endlessvisiion-directed video, Daytym barely makes eye contact with the camera, instead focusing on drawing up the fire he needs to keep dropping bars. Rapping in front of a self-service car wash might not be the hardest visual in hip-hop, but Daytym makes it look legit by spilling out some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it bars that’ll have you reaching for the rewind.

Captive Agents – “Lunchbox”

The school year is nearly upon us, but instead of sweating syllabus day, fun-loving Minneapolis funk-hop band Captive Agents are looking forward to lunchtime. “Lunchbox” stars Lue Finisher Thao and Jason Noer (a.k.a. J-Sun of Battlecats) in a celebration of the paper-bag lunch. Shouts go out to Capri Sun and Chewy bars while the band takes up residence on the playground. Jesse Sonra Frost, James Adamiak, and Marty Illetschko capture the fun.

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