Craigslist: Arctic Monkeys fan offers Endless Love date night swap for tickets


It feels like the Arctic Monkeys' Friday show at First Avenue has been sold out forever. (Ever since the last time Minneapolis didn't feel like the Arctic, even.) Now as the sweaty, intimate night with Alex Turner's pompadoured presence on Valentine's Day approaches, some folks are getting worried about getting left out in the cold. And others are trying to make a killing.

With prices on Craigslist reported as high as $200 for a single ticket, one fan decided to get a little creative with an offer aimed at rom-com devotees.

With the Twitter handle @EndlessMonkey, this enterprising ticket seeker is on a late-game rampage to get Monkeys tickets by offering up passes to the AMC Rosedale 14 to see the new remake of 1981 Brooke Shields vehicle Endless Love. (Note: You do not get to do on the date with Endless Monkey.) Either that, or it's a bizarre viral marketing campaign. You never know.

From Endless Monkey's laughable Craigslist plea:


Surprise your lady this Valentines Day with two exclusive tickets to the opening day premiere of the romantic drama Endless Love. She'll love it! I guess it's about a privileged blonde who becomes infatuated with a working-class adult posing as a teenager from the wrong side of the tracks (probably). From what I could glean from the trailer, it has everything:

- Snooty country clubs
- A token black dude best friend (no threat to the romance)
- Dresses that blow in cars somehow
- Umm, a fireplace
- A protective dad who wants nothing but the best for his kid
- Sex in a library
- Baseball bats

Blah. Man, this trailer is long!

Any takers? Even if this doesn't sound like the right reason to part with the tickets, you should still read the rest of this ridiculous Craigslist post. Later there's some recommendations for where the night can go after the movie:

Also! You're but a hop, skip and a jump from Potbelly. I looked them up on Altavista and they have "Good vibes, great sandwiches" and there's a good chance they'll let some kid in with a guitar that can serenade your lady with a John Mayer cover. Music AND a movie! You won't get that at a packed, sweaty nightclub!
You sure won't. As a final caveat, the Endless Monkey also says they will part with $65 per ticket if that's a more valuable option to potential ticket sellers. Tough call, especially considering the good vibes and great sandwiches.