Craig Finn to pen Fargo Rock City script


Craig Finn, center.

It's like the Dream Team of indie rock postures. The 99 Lakers of rock and roll pondering. It was announced today--Chuck Klosterman's opus Fargo Rock City, which has been the end cap on every Uptown hipster's coffee table since its 2001 publication, is being adapted for the screen by Hold Steady and Lifter Puller front man Craig Finn.

Klosterman on Twitter.

Singers turning to Hollywood for a little hobby pastime is a peril-fraught career move. Something like, say, basketball players trying out for the Chicago White Sox to pass the time in the off-season. But, and we admit this only under duress and through gritted teeth, if any rock icon around is literate and savvy enough to find his way through a script about coming of age amidst the opulence of 80s rock, it's Craig Finn, whose lyricism alone has earned him a hallowed hall in the hearts of indie rock conoisseurs world wide.

Finn won't be acting alone. According to the Hollywood Reporter's Risky Business blog, David Letterman show writer Tom Ruprecht will be co-writing, and the whole project will be overseen by Klosterman himself, that maven of adroit indie rock observation.

Klosterman's story, about coming up as a metalhead in North  Dakota in the 1980s, seems like a perfect left-field fit for Finn, whose knowledge of his craft seems to run to absurd extremes.

The project is still a ways from fruition now--Finn and Ruprecth are refining the first draft currently, and seeking finance from studios and third parties.