Craig Finn recording solo album, starting on new Hold Steady record in September


When Craig Finn performed solo at the Fitzgerald this April for the MPR interview series Wits, the Hold Steady frontman took a detour from his band's upbeat bar-rock sing-alongs to debut three songs with a decidedly slower, sadder feel. It was clear then that Finn was in the process of developing new songs that would fall outside the Hold Steady's catalog, so it's no surprise the he posted this week that he is down in Austin, Texas recording a set of songs that will make up his first solo album.

[jump] "Day 1 in the studio. Really excited about everything," Finn posted to his new Tumblr account Do What You Feel last Thursday, following it up with more details yesterday: "I'm down in Austin making a record with Mike McCarthy. This one is a solo project."

Finn also added that he will be working with his band this fall. "The Hold Steady start writing for record #6 in September," he writes.

For more on Finn's new songs, revisit these live clips from back in April at Wits, where Finn performed songs "Don't Hold Back," "One Single Savior," and "Western Pier."