Craig Finn performs "Western Pier" on WTF with Marc Maron

On the surface, Marc Maron and Craig Finn literally seem like world's apart. But in the most recent episode of Maron's immensely popular podcast WTF, the two get a chance to explore some familiar personal terrain together.

For those who are unfamiliar with the podcast, Maron tends to facilitates his interviews in a more colloquial manner, and what unravels feels more like a therapy session than a talk-show. And the interviews are typically nothing short of revelatory and engaging.

You can listen to the full (decidedly NSFW) interview with Finn here (as well as legendary comedian/crooner Tony Clifton, who is also featured on the episode). Finn's segment includes a performance of "Western Pier" off of Finn's debut solo album, Clear Heart Full Eyes. Oh, and feel free to skip through the first twenty minutes of Maron's neurotic banter about cat pee and other seediness.

Here's a video clip from the episode featuring Craig talking candidly about divorce.

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