Craig Finn gives a peek at his writing routine

Songwriters On Process, originally just Writers, is a not-entirely-new site by a man named Benjamin Opipari which tries, much like the oft-employed photo spreads of work spaces and scans of marginalia-packed notebooks, to get to the bottom of how people good at words got so dang gooder at them than us.

They've posted their newest interview, with one of the best lyricists ever to rhyme "four" and "score," Mr. Craig Finn.

[jump] In it, Opipari and Finn tackle some subjects that are possibly uncomfortable for many... mainly exercise, and work ethic.

I read that you're also a runner.
Yeah, for a long time I've just been the 3-4 miles a day type, but this summer I ran a half marathon. The training leading up to that was really cool.  Those long runs are also a very meditative time.  Your mind gets to a crazy, unique place once you get above ten miles.  It's a time for some very clear thinking.

I'm a runner too, and I find it a great time to think about my writing. There's a lot of research out there showing a definite link between aerobic exercise and creativity.
I'm not surprised in the least bit.  I'm sure you feel the same way when you run.
Definitely.  If I'm struggling in my creative process, a run frees me up.

Do you use running as a conscious way to generate ideas?
Yeah. Making running a part of my day, and the discipline that entails, makes me much more disciplined in my writing.  I like to get up, run, have coffee, then write.  I don't know that it's conscious, but I always feel inspired to write after I run.

Ugh, screw that. But if you mustn't, you can read the full interview at Songwriter on Process.