Craig Finn expresses pride in Lifter Puller reissues


Riding in cars with boys--Lifter Puller.

Hey, remember Lifter Puller? Sure you do. And even if you don't, you remember that cool t-shirt Slug used to wear around town, right? The one that said "LFTR PLLR?" Well guess what--that was a BAND shirt.

A damn good band too. One that ruled over the Minneapolis music scene with uncommonly adroit rock writing for many a year. Now, with Lifter Puller reissues and an oral history of the band heading to shelves by December 1, Finn expressed pride in his life's previous work.

Lifter Puller, last known whereabouts.

From the Spinner article:

"The guys and I have remained pretty good friends. We started seeing Lifter Puller CDs going for a lot of money on eBay, which we thought was kind of ridiculous," Finn tells Spinner. "We were never on a huge label and we wanted to get these things back in print, so we just decided to do it ourselves. It didn't take a ton of digging to get the music but it was kind of fun just to be reconnecting with those guys and working on the project."

With any luck, these reissues, and the accompanying book, will help create a new generation of Lifter Puller fans, whose memories of Craig Finn might begin and end with his work in the Hold Steady. For any serious fan of our local music scene, past or present, a working familiarity of Lifter Puller's outstanding career is a must.