Craig Finn & Bob Mould agree that rock is often too noisy

A hilarious exchange between two Minneapolis favorites unfolds in a new "interview" of sorts between Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn and Hüsker Dü/Sugar kingpin Bob Mould. This chat comes along with the promotional push for Finn's first solo record, Clear Heart Full Eyes -- an album Pitchfork gave the backhanded compliment "just good enough to keep us listening."

Anyhow, much of this conversation centers around how the 40-year-old Finn and the 51-year-old Mould are not so much into the decibel-heavy squall of their youth anymore. It's not quite nursing home theatre, but close.

Mould: "I've got tinnitus on the left side, I sort of deal with it. That gets a little unnerving and it makes me wonder do I want to keep playing loud all the time."

Finn: "Taking a little break and doing something creative at a different volume I think really sort of renewed me. Because I find the crushing volume to be really fatiguing, or very tiring."

Earplugs, dudes. Joking aside, it's a great lead-up for City Pages' own conversation with Finn, which all can consume next week in conjunction with the sold-out album release show at the Triple Rock Social Club on Saturday, February 4.

Read the entire discussion, which closes with Finn getting after Mould a little bit about his level of contentment, at Clash Music.

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