"Cradle Rock" lullabye collection babyfies Johnny Cash, Kenny Chesney

Johnny Cash and Kenny Chesney made accessible to little bitty baby ears with the soft sounds of vibraphone, glockenspiel and a Mellotron? Gross.

Tree Top Records has just announced that soothing lullabye versions of chart-topping singles from Johnny Cash, Kenny Chesney and from Michael Jackson's Thriller album will hit stores on October 26th, with pre-order available on now on their website.

Hearing this made my biological clock come to a halt. Gross. And note that for the Cash version, which quips on its album cover "I Crawl the Line," selections made for babyfication include his covers of Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nail tunes. That's just weird.

But wait -- give a few of the songs a listen. My biological clock has not again begun ticking, but I'm finding myself rocking. Not sign of the horns style, but back and forth. Baaaaaack and forth. Mommy?

This shit's strangely comforting. My thumb's in my mouth. Uh oh.

I guess it's working. Pick up a copy for your baby. Or for your own naptime. Seriously, where's my mommy? Stream "I Crawl the Line" here.

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