Cows Reuniting for Grumpy's Bash 15

Minneapolis punk band Cows helped solidify and electrify the Twin Cities hardcore scene in the late '80s and early '90s. But outside of certain circles -- especially those who never saw the band's untamed, wildly unpredictable live show -- the Cows never quite got their due, and sadly disbanded with little fanfare in the late '90s.

But there has been some promising activity in the Cows camp as of late, including a brief mini-reunion back in November (see video proof below) during Hepa-Titus's release show at Grumpy's. Now the group, billing themselves as Cowz -- with Shannon Selberg, Kevin Rutmanis, and Freddy Votel joined by Hammerhead's Paul Sanders (filling in for guitarist Thor Eisentrager) -- are set to come together once again for a special one-off reunion gig at Grumpy's Bash 15 on July 11.

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Amphetamine Reptile founder and event organizer Tom Hazelmyer has this to say about the Cowz reunion:

"Three out of four original members is certainly a better percentage than most 'reunions,' but in their infinite weirdness -- since Hammerhead's Paul Sanders is stepping in for Thor Eisentrager on guitar -- they wanted to delineate from the previous state and time. Doing so with a Z is trademark Cows slapstick though. That they draw from inside the old AmRep family lineage makes the difference even more blurred in my opinion. But with the Cows it's always been their own rodeo."

The Cowz will be joined in this stacked bill by sludge-rock heroes Melvins, the also recently reunited Run Westy Run, hardcore stalwarts Hammerhead, upstarts Le Butcherettes -- whom Hazelmyer heartily endorses, "They are really breaking out right now, and might be the big surprise of the day for folks" -- as well as heavy hitters Hepa-Titus and Gay Witch Abortion.


Hazelmyer will also have an exhibition of his HazeXXL artwork on display for the festivities, as well as plenty of special AmRep records and releases tied to what has become a semi-annual Amphetamine Reptile-sponsored celebration. There's also talk of a screening of the Hazelmyer/AmRep-focused documentary, The Color Of Noise, the night before the Bash, with the potential for more bands to play before and/or after the film.

But the excitement is justifiably swirling around the Cowz reunion, with no one knowing quite what to expect from their combustible, long-time-in-the-making reunion. But one thing is for sure, Shannon, Kevin, and co. won't do anything half-assed or halfway -- their set will be a spectacle that you likely won't forget, and might never see again. 

"Of course they're not gonna do it easy," says Hazelmyer. "It's a one-off for now. No plans for touring at present."

You heard the man. You're not going to want to miss this. Tickets have just gone on sale here.

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