Courtney McClean and the Dirty Curls play Sex World tonight

Courtney McClean and the Dirty Curls play Sex World tonight

When we heard Courtney McClean and the Dirty Curls would be playing Sex World tonight (8:00 sharp, free) our first thought was, "How appropriate." The Dirty Curls are, after all, very naughty, and they like to sing about sex perhaps even more than your creepy uncle likes peepin' at his very favorite brunette in Sex World's Dollhouse. But our second thought was, "What the...?" Stepping off the stages of Big V's, the 501 and Bryant Lake Bowl to play a sex shop is very unusual to say the least. We asked front woman Courtney McClean to please explain herself.

How did this gig materialize?

I can't talk about this without consulting our lawyer. KIDDING! Our bassist, Mr. Bunny Sparber, has known Thomasina Kundalini, Sex World's Art Director (she is the designer of all their fabulous glittery decor), for a few years. When we were looking for a space in which to film our "Minnesota Porn" video, we originally contacted Lickety Split, since they were name-checked in the song (we changed the lyrics for Sex World). But Thomasina responded and gave us the go-ahead to film there. We posted the video online and then it got passed around to the employees of Sex World and they loved it. They suggested we play a show in-store.

Video for "Minnesota Porn" - depending on where you work, potentially NSFW I'm trying to imagine Sex World's layout... I've been in the room with the toys and videos drunk while with an ex-boyfriend before, but none of the peep rooms, and so on. Where will you be playing?

We will be playing in the Northeast corner of the store right next to the interior Sinners entrance! When you walk in, you'll see Peep Rooms and The Golden One (the large Golden Penis upon which you can ride for free!) will be on your right, but allllllll the way on the other side of the store is where we'll be. We'll be performing mostly without power, but we can be loud regardless.

Will you be naked?

At some point during the evening, I'm sure, but likely not during the show. I can't be stealing clients from the ladies in Sinners. Or driving customers from the store.

You mentioned you're playing only for about a half hour - why such a quickie set?

It's a teaser for our upcoming week! We're playing Big V's on Friday, Gay Pride on Sunday, and 501 next Thursday! We also don't want to overwhelm a store that might not be equipped with the staff to handle the thousands of fans that will be busting through the doors. This show was originally going to be kind of a secret, but we've got big mouths. HEYOOOOHHHHH To your knowledge, has Sex World had live music before?

Not to my knowledge! I feel like we're kinda making Minneapolis history.

Are you being paid in Sex World merchandise, and if so what will you be walking out with?

Perhaps! I think we're paying Sex World back for the use of their store, but if I should get offered something - Mama is in need of a new vibe. My dear Ole Blue, the subject of our song "Onna Get My Buzz On" died, mid-self-gratification session, a few months ago. I was so, so sad.

What would your mothers say?

Oh, my mother has already expressed her disdain for this project and that if she had a choice to listen to The Dirty Curls or Bach, she would choose Bach. I told her I don't know how she can even tell the difference. Bunny's mother seems to be apathetic and Coco's mom is trying her best to keep it from the rest of her family.

Check out Courtney McClean and the Dirty Curls tonight at Sex World, Friday 6/25 at Big V's, Sunday 6/27 at Gay Pride and Thursday 7/1 at the 501 Club.

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