Courtney Love loses custody of Francis Bean

Courtney Love loses custody of Francis Bean

Courtney Love, last known photograph.

It took 17 long, grueling years, but the law finally got it right. This afternoon, the scant details emerged--an L.A. court has absolved Courtney Love of all her bothersome mothering duties, and passed poor bedraggled Francis Bean off on Kurt Cobain's mother and sister.

Mommy Dearest.

As far as we can tell, it's a win-win. Francis Bean gets an outside shot at escaping her adolescence without being hopelessly scarred by the increasingly monstrous Courtney Love, and Courtney Love, no longer hindered by those pesky mores that accompany motherhood, can continue to keep bottom-feeding bloggers like yours truly working.

And about fucking time. Were she more active, Love would be known as the scourge of popular culture. But as she dwindled into the twilight of her infamy, her brief pop-ups were simply laughably tragic snapshots and quips. In 2009, neither "popular" nor "culture" can be applied to her in good faith. 

The interior lives of mother and daughter are unknowable. But it doesn't take the Amazing Kreskin to hazard a guess that the younger is almost certainly better off. Here's sincerely hoping that Bean, now liberated from Grendel's claws, doesn't pause too long to look back.

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