Country spotlight: Roy Clark and Trailer Trash's Trashy Little Christmas this weekend

Country spotlight: Roy Clark and Trailer Trash's Trashy Little Christmas this weekend

As the glut and gratitude of Thanksgiving gives way to the glut and gaiety of the holiday season, plan to kick off this transitionary phase with some holiday honky tonk and a banjo-pickin' veteran of Hee Haw this weekend at Lee's and the Dakota.

Need a little inspiration for this fleeting moment of stuffing-gutted resting between turkey and Target shopping, if indeed you rested before the employees of that company gave thanks for the jobs they should feel so lucky to have and showed up to work to greet you when you came a-caroling at midnight? Okay then.

This was Johnny Cash, yesterday:

Yes, Johnny and June once appeared on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, though I reckon it was an appearance inferior to their cameo on the first episode of Little House on the Prairie's third season, in which Johnny plays an ex-convict by the name of Caleb Hodgekiss, who intends to steal collection money intended for Reverend Alden, who's fallen ill. No worries - he and June both soon see the errors of their ways, and of course, the folks of Walnut Grove forgive them, good Christians they are.

Depressing stuff this. So let's get in the holiday mood, and think about shopping! Yeah, suck it up, Target! I mean, Target employees! Get into the cheer of the season! Stock and re-stock those shelves with a smile! Who better to help ease us along toward Christmas than... than... I can never remember her damned name and generally refer to her in conversation as "Firecracker! Firecracker! The short chick! The one who sings (low growl), 'MAH BAY BE WHISPAHS IHH MAAA HEEE AHHH.'" That's "Sweet Nothin's" by little Brenda Lee, who was not known as "Firecracker" but rather, as "Little Miss Dynamite." Ah well. Sometimes people know what the hell I'm talkin' about, and 53 years ago yesterday, Decca released this holiday super hit.

Feeling that holiday cheer yet? Either way, be sure to check out Trailer Trash's kick-off of their annual Trashy Little Xmas Show at Lee's, performing Saturday at 9:00 ($12) then on several other dates leading up to Christmas, including a matinee for kids at the Cedar on December 18th.

And I can't promise holiday cheer - ah hell, yes I can, it's Roy Clark, he's as cheery as they come! And he's playing the Dakota Sunday at 7:00 ($45).

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