Correction: Jordis not playing Quest, Liars Club over

class=img_thumbleft>Email from Gingerjake's Ian Severson: "Jordis [alternate site here] is no longer in the Liar's Club. She hasn't been for a few months to the best of my knowledge... Additionally, and I was not aware of this until a day ago, The Liar's Club has changed their name to 'The Payback' and Jordis is most definitely not a member of that band. The Payback features the drummer, guitar and bass players of The Fighting Tongs with ex 2Ton Crutch vocalist and ex Gingerjake guitarist, Kris Weiser. In addition, the show is not two shows like you have it, early all ages followed by a 21+ show. [The post below has since been corrected.] THE SHOW IS ONE SHOW, DOORS @ 5PM. Admission is $8 for anyone under 21 and $20 (which includes 2 top shelf drink tickets of your choice, a $14 value) for 21+. The show will be over by 10pm so people can still carry out their other plans for the evening." Culture to Go regrets the errors, and a corrected version of the post appears below. Fans will note, however, that as of 10:54 a.m. Tuesday, none of this news has appeared on the Liars Club Myspace page, which posts Jordis news as recently as November 25. What's the story, guys?