Cool Kids offer freebie mix

The Cool Kids from Chicago are not only cool by nature, but in fact, cool by name. Their brand of super fresh hip-hop throws it back to the old school, without losing flavor. The MC duo rapped about gold pagers, rad parties and stylized bikes on their first release, The Bake Sale, last year and fans have been anxiously awaiting new tracks. Thankfully, that day has come, my friends. Today the Cool Kids are offering an entire album's worth of new tracks for free. Free? Yes. Free. And who doesn't love a cool mixtape?

A total of 18 tracks, Gone Fishing is packed with yet to be released beauties, each produced by the Cool Kids themselves and mixed by legendary ATL DJ Don Cannon. This mixtape is the official teaser for their upcoming LP, When Fish Ride Bicycles. Lucky Chicago inhabitants can pick up a pressed version of this freebie with the purchase of a hat or t-shirt.

So go fish:

Gone Fishing track listing:

  1. Introduction to Ice Fishing

  2. Hammer Brothers

  3. Champions

  4. Gold Links

  5. Cinnamon

  6. Premium Blends

  7. Step Back

  8. Jump Rope feat. Tennille

  9. The Last Stretch feat. Jahda

  10. The Art of Noise (interlude)

  11. The Light Company

  12. Popcorn

  13. Wise Words by GLC -Told by GLC

  14. Pennies (the updated rosters) Remix feat. Ludacris & Bun B

  15. Broadcasting Live

  16. Takin' a Break

  17. Tune Up

  18. Weekend Girls feat. Ryan Leslie

  19. Summer Vacations

  20. Words of Wisdom by GLC - Told by GLC

  21. Knocked Down