Concert news: Journey and Pretenders, Korn and Breaking Benjamin coming to the Xcel

Journey, Korn

Journey, Korn Star Tribune

Nostalgia makes strange bedfellows.

In their prime, a double-bill of Journey and Pretenders would have been highly unlikely. The former was as critically beloved as the other was critically despised.

But at some point “the '80s” became a genre, and now the archetypal arena-rock lighter-in-the-air band and Chrissie Hynde’s black-leather postpunks are coming to the Xcel together to play music from the past on Sunday, June 7.

Korn and Breaking Benjamin, announced earlier this week, is a less unlikely pairing, though just as designed to cater to nostalgia. Yes, '90s kids, you too are now old enough that you think music was better in the past. That show is Friday, Feb. 7.

Tickets for Korn and Breaking Benjamin go on sale this Friday at noon; tickets for Journey and Pretenders go on sale the following Friday, Nov. 8, at noon. Both are available at the Xcel box office or through Ticketmaster.

How much do tickets cost? You’ll have to ask your friends at Live Nation, who like to enshroud such matters in an air of mystery. You are intrigued, no? It’s kind of like a game.

Speaking of games, remember this?

I’m starting a rumor that Pretenders had a video game called Middle of the Road that was a Frogger ripoff. No one under 40 will ever know I’m lying.