Communist Daughter, Fifth Element's open-mic night featured in this week's paper

Communist Daughter
Communist Daughter
Photo by Ben Clark

We're entering a season of local CD releases, so prepared to be inundated over the next few weeks as we make our way through all the great local albums coming out this April. This week, we drove down to Prescott, Wisconsin to hang out with Johnny Solomon and his Communist Daughter bandmates as they prepare to release their debut. Here's a link to that article, along with the other music content we ran in the print edition of City Pages this week:

Communist Daughter frontman Johnny Solomon finds a new-old, small-town sound
By Andrea Swensson
Johnny Solomon leaves the big city for small-town life, and finds a new musical direction on his '60s-pop influenced debut with Communist Daughter, Soundtrack to the End.

Fifth Element relaunches open-mic night
By Jack Spencer
The Rhymesayers-owned and operated record store reboots its monthly open-mic night, which takes place tomorrow night, April 1, with host Franz Diego.

CD Review: E.G. Bailey, American Afrikan
By Peter S. Scholtes

"Bailey is a reminder that Public Enemy started as radio guys, too," writes Scholtes. "The Liberian-born spoken-word performer makes blindsiding funk his space for meaning, and vice versa."

5ingles: The Songs We Can't Escape
By Ray Cummings

Spinning the new singles by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Child Abuse, T.I., and more.

Critics' Picks
By Gimme Noise staff
A preview of this week's best shows, including Spoon and Deerhunter, Tobacco, Toro y Moi, and more.

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