Comment of the Day: Crabby Hipsters


Who needs a hug after the emotionally charged comments that unfolded regarding the Hard Rock Cafe's new location in the Mall of America post?

Amid several violent, tumultuous exchanges -- probably what most HRC diners experience in their stomachs during the 20 minutes after they stand up -- reader Tyler Jorenby made a pointed observation that might be accurate about the City Pages staff...

...especially if the City Pages fleet of fixed-gear bikes were ever stolen, or whenever our resident tattoo artists are on vacation, or if the office satellite radio station piping in krautrock and early British punk ever went on the fritz, or if our Etsy accounts got suspended, or if Corner Coffee discontinued its gluten-free offerings. (Okay, that last one is real.)

Anyhow, here's Jorenby with what might be a compliment for Pat O'Brien:

Wait, ALMOST? Are juggalos exempt?



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