Comic Devohn Bland’s ‘Fuck Bob Kroll’ is the Song of the Summer

A clip from Devohn Bland's 'Fuck Bob Kroll' video.

A clip from Devohn Bland's 'Fuck Bob Kroll' video. YouTube

Bob Kroll is awful for many reasons that are not at all funny.

For instance, the president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis sent a recent letter to federation members in which he alleged that a "terrorist movement" was behind the protests against the police killing of George Floyd and called Floyd a "violent criminal" whose past was being covered up by the media.

And that’s just the recent stuff.

But Bob Kroll is also… well, c’mon, look at him. He’s Bob Kroll.

Kroll, krolling.

Kroll, krolling. Leila Navidi, Star Tribune

It was apparently after taking just such a look that local comedian Devohn Bland decided to riff off Kroll’s appearance to keyboard accompaniment.

I won’t cherrypick the best punchlines because: 1) They’re all good, so I’d just wind up repeating them all, and 2) Bland’s delivery is what sells them. But let me just say that Schwarzenegger’s dystopian ’80s action flick Running Man and the topic of Kroll’s utter, archetypal Bob-ness make hilarious appearances here.

Ah, but is this really a song? Well, Bland calls it a poem himself, but isn't a poem with music a song? Sure, why not! And if the “verses” are hard to sing along to, there’s one hell of a chorus. So all together now…