Coloring Time make their debut at the Cedar this week, watch a short teaser video

The premise for new collaboration Coloring Time is enticing, to say the least: Members of at least a dozen local bands that range from hip-hop to jazz to folk get on stage, plug in their instruments, and see what unfolds between them. The Twin Cities has boasted a healthy improvisational scene these past few years, and Coloring Time may be the most all-encompassing snapshot of a group of people devoted to throwing out the rulebooks and searching for new ways to musically "be here now."

[jump] The band's mission statement is as enigmatic as its forthcoming debut performance at the Cedar this Thursday night. "Coloring Time is a protest march," their description reads. "Children and adults, rich and poor, in the singular demonstration of a symbiotic tidal storm, thrashing the imagined structures on which we've built our fragmented existence. A movement against separation."

A list of collaborators provides the most specific information about the group:

Adam Svec
Alexei Casselle (Kill the Vulture, Roma Di Luna)
Benson Ramsey (The Pines)
Bobby Mulrennan (No Bird Sing, Emot, Chastity Brown)
Brian Moen (Peter Wolf Crier, Laarks, Shouting Matches)
Casey O'Brien (Face Candy)
Chastity Brown
Chris Cunningham (Mississippi Peace)
David Huckfelt (The Pines)
Graham O'Brien (No Bird Sing, Junkyard Empire)
Jake Hanson (Halloween, Alaska, Minneapolis Dub Ensemble)
Jeremy Ylvisaker (Alpha Consumer, Guitar Party Andrew Bird)
Joe Horton (No Bird Sing)
JT Bates (The Pines, Alpha Consumer)
Martin Dosh
Mijah Ylvisaker (Guitar Party)
Michelle Kenny (Jello Slave)
Mike Rossetto (Pines, Spaghetti Western String Co.)
Peter Pisano (Peter Wolf Crier)
As a teaser for Thursday's show, Coloring Time co-founder and Peter Wolf Crier singer and songwriter Peter Pisano sent us a little video written by seven-year-old Guitar Party lead signer Mijah Ylvisaker, who will perform at the Cedar show, complete with music by her dad Jeremy. Check it out:

Coloring Time from Peter Wolf Crier on Vimeo.