Colorful duo Matt & Kim to kick start the T-Rock

Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim don't need a huge cast of supporting players to join them onstage. Where some bands pack every square inch of available space with musicians and effects, the titular members of Matt and Kim rely only on each other to crank out their brand of shiny, peppy synth pop. Likewise, where some bands employ complex song arrangements and baroque instrumentation, Matt and Kim deliver their two minute sugar-rush anthems with utter simplicity, making the most out of their keyboards, drum kit, and microphones. Sometimes, as the saying goes, less is more.

It's a sparse stage arrangement, but the duo is packing enough megawattage in their beaming smiles to make up for a whole host of lights, and enough spastic energy in their live performance to put wiry punk stagedivers to shame. They don't need to be virtuosos (Kim took up the drums just to start the band) when the focus is on getting the festivities revved up and keeping the good times rolling into the early morning hours. No wonder they're a staple on the New York party circuit, tending to play loft and basement shows instead of clubs and traditional concert venues--they might care more about making sure the audience has a good time than about playing the part of glowering, serious musicians.

Tonight, they'll turn the Triple Rock into their own little home away from home, bringing the attitude and good times of the late-night bashes they love so much right along with them. You'll get enough exuberance and shout-along choruses to propel you right through a few dismally gray days, or at least enough to put a smile on your post-party hangover.

-- Ian Traas