Cody takes Hollywood, Hollywood takes Cody

class=img_thumbleft>Shortly before Diablo Cody's Tinseltown memoir (


) hit the street in this week's City Pages, she scored yet another screenwriting coup: a network is buying the rights to a TV project she's developed, whose premise is said to involve--well, we're sworn to secrecy here, but we can say that it's kind of, well,


--when you consider, you know, everything.

This latest gig, piled atop the three screenwriting projects she's got in the works, will unfortunately require Cody to depart the staff of CP at the end of September. She'll continue on, however, as the paper's TV columnist, and we'll still be hosting her Pussy Ranch blog.

Reached by phone at her recently purchased New Zealand ranch, Cody had this to say about her future plans: "Television is a sure thing! I look forward to fifty years of resounding success in this non-competitive industry. Meanwhile, I've hired a manservant."

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