Cloud Cult parts with one of its founding members

Sarah Young at the Lowertown Fest in July 2010

Sarah Young at the Lowertown Fest in July 2010

With the release of their latest concept album, Light Chasers, much attention has been paid to Cloud Cult frontman Craig Minowa and wife Connie's relationship with their new child. But for the past several years, the band has also included another set of multitasking parents: manager Adrian Young and cellist Sarah Young, who have raised two children amidst the chaos of constant touring and a busy schedule of recording and releasing albums.

[jump] Over the holiday weekend, Craig announced that Adrian and Sarah would be parting ways with the band. As one of Craig's earliest collaborators, Sarah Young has seen Cloud Cult through every stage of its lengthy and at times unpredictable career. She was the first musician to join the band when Craig recorded his first record, The Shade Project, over 10 years ago; her husband, Adrian, eventually became the group's manager.

"After six years and tens of thousands of miles of traveling with Cloud Cloud, cellist Sarah Young and her husband Adrian Young (Cloud Cult manager) have decided it would be best for their family to step back from the Cloud Cult ship," Craig writes. "We have learned so much from them in watching them raise two kids while enduring the unpredictability of touring all over this continent and releasing albums."

For more on Sarah and Adrian Young's history with the band, read up on our in-depth profile of Cloud Cult from earlier this year by Jeff Gage.