Claude Von Stroke to hit the VIP at First Ave.

Claude Von Stroke to hit the VIP at First Ave.

At the Winter Music Conference in Miami this year, Claude Von Stroke's Dirtybird party started at six in the morning. Started at six in the morning. When you throw parties that start at six in the morning, you know things are gonna get stupid. But stupid is kind what Von Stroke and his Dirtybird cohorts Justin Martin and Christian Martin do best...

Coming from Detroit, but finding his techno legs in San Francisco, the DJ-Producer called Barclay Crenshaw by his momma makes big dumb techno-house tracks, and each one gets bigger (and sillier) than the last. From the phone sex inspired stutter-groans of "Deep Throat" to the, um, whistling of "The Whistler," VonStroke's tracks are usually the one or two you'll actually remember the next day--after a party that


at six in the morning.

These ear worms (a rarity in the world of international techno) have made VonStroke a star of international  proportions in a relatively short amount of time. So having him spin a special VIP set at First Ave. is a true rarity. Thank holiday obligations for bring this Berlin-dwelling-SF-based-Midwest-son to Minneapolis for one night only.

Quick interview with Claude Von Stroke:

You were raised in Detroit before moving to SF. Will you be home or the holiday before you MPLS gig?
My wife is from Minneapolis so we are going there this Xmas. That is why the gig is happening. Next year back to Detroit. We alternate every year.

Can you still handle the weather?
No. I just stepped in 3 feet of snow. My 2 year old was overjoyed in his full snow suit and I was frozen stiff in my Cali sneaks.

In Miami this year, the Dirtybird party started at 6am. Is that better than the usual midnight-ish club times?
I don't think that actually worked. We tried to pull some Berlin hours last year but forgot we were in Miami. This year we will do the opposite. All day party from 12-12!

You average about one single a year. Not a lot by most DJ-producers standards. Is there a reason you don' release more?
Actually I've put out an average of 3 a year. I put out 2 this year (2008). I also did about 24 remixes from 2006-2008. I am really picky about the quality, but if you count the remixes that averages to about 11 records per year. This year was a little bit more quiet because I have two new babies. 2009 will be more in line with my regular schedule.

With New Years here, what were your fave moments of 2008?
I really had a great time in Montpelier and Leeds. Those were my two best shows of last year - where the music transcended the show and I was rushing with a pure natural high from the energy of the crowd. I also enjoyed watching us fill the biggest dance venue in SF with our Dirtybird label night. That was very satisfying. And of course moving our family to Berlin for most of last summer was a very interesting and fulfilling experience.

What's on deck for 2009?
2009 is the return to classic Dirtybird with many releases from me and Justin Martin -- including both a Fabric mix comp and an album from me.  Mothership will keep growing bigger and stronger with an Italoboyz full length on the docket and tons of amazing singles from voodeux, Maetrik, Catz 'N Dogz and more.

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