Classic April 2 pranks

Classic April 2 pranks


Saran wrap on the toilet, a raisin in the toothpaste, and a whole slew of phoney baloney news items spread all across the world wide web-- April Fools Day is played out. Amateur hour. A day for budding Andy Kaufmans to foist menial pranks on the unwitting.

But April 2nd is the day for the true schemers, those who pulled off the truly hilarious pranks of all time. On this sluggish Thursday afternoon, Gimme Noise offers a modest list of the practical jokes that make April 2nd the day for true April Fools.

Classic April 2 pranks


April 2, 1459

Vlad the Impaler, the Transylvanian despot famed for his sense of humor, lures thousands of merchants to his castle with promises of candy. Not only is the candy filled with fish oil, but Vlad further surprises them by impaling them through the anus on long wooden spikes.

Verdict: Punked!

April 2, 1932

Aviator Charles Lindbergh pays $50,000 ransom to a stranger in a Bronx cemetery for the release of his abducted infant. But the gag's on Lucky Lindy-- the child's corpse turns up a month later and the cash is never recovered.

Verdict: Punked to the extreme!

April 2, 1979

Some klutz in a Russian biological warfare lab places a beaker of anthrax over a doorsill to douse his co-workers. 66 die in the ensuing outbreak.

Verdict: Epic punked!

April 2, 1986

Exploding cigar blows hole in a TWA airplane, sucking three adults and an infant to their deaths.

Verdit: Crucial punked!

Note: Thanks to the vigilant folks at, who's daily news aggregator has been on steady autopilot for over 3 years now.

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