City Planner: Wednesday 12/06


Les Georges Leningrad @ 7th St. Entry

class=img_thumbleft>From today's A-List: "When Canada's government voted last week to recognize the separate nationhood of Quebec on the basis of its unique culture and French heritage, the members of Parliament probably didn't have Montreal's Les Georges Leningrad in mind. But they should have. This cheeky synth-noise trio has all the bombast, visual splendor, clownish spirit, and (ah, hell) "uniqueness" of a Cirque du Soleil troupe, without any of the precious Euro-schmaltz. Plus, as with their aesthetic forebears Erase Errata, you can dance to LGL. Their third and latest release, Sangue Puro (on the German experimental label Tomlab), is less weird but more ambitious than anything they've done yet. Here's to making "Mammal Beats" the new Quebecois national anthem."

With circuit-bending wizards Beatrix*Jar. 21+. $7. 8:00 p.m.


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