City Planner: Wednesday 11/8

IV Thieves @ 7th St.



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: "When Nic Armstrong and the Thieves made their debut a couple of years ago, Oasis's Noel Gallagher predicted, 'They'll be one of the biggest bands in Britain. They're pretty special, man.' Whether or not the since-renamed IV Thieves will reach that rung remains to be seen, but at the moment this fab four is every Brit-pop fan's wet dream come true. Their latest,

If We Can't Escape My Pretty

(New West), is the sort of never-outta-style urgent guitar rock that suggests the Arctic Monkinks ('You Can't Love What You Don't Understand'); Kasabeatles ('The Day Is a Downer'), and the Rolling Stone Roses ('Higher'). It all promises to elevate live on the little downtown stage that launched a thousand special bands. With up-and-coming Minne-pop heroes the Alarmists."

21+. $10/$12 at the door. 8:00 p.m.


BB King @ Orchestra Hall OK Go @ First Ave Tennessee 3 @ Lee's Atreyu @ Myth Terror @ Triple Rock Community Gardens @ Turf Club

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