City Planner: Wednesday 11/29

The Black Keys @ First Avenue


today's A-List

: "Blues-punk purists fearing a defanged Black Keys on

Magic Potion

--the Akron guitar-and-drums duo's debut for the fancy-pants grown-up label Nonesuch--needn't have worried.


kicks just as much shit as any of the records the Keys made before they started rubbing elbows with Randy Newman and the Kronos Quartet. Which is to say that they still sound like two homeless guys playing Led Zeppelin in a subway station. Philadelphia-based openers Dr. Dog have a seemingly endless supply of sunny jangle-pop gems. Expect them to preview a handful from next year's

We All Belong


18+. $15. 8:00 p.m.

Elsewhere Wax on Radio @ Triple Rock Back-Up Plomo @ Blue Nile Transmission @ the Hex Go to the A-List.

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