City Planner: Tuesday 11/7

Robert Randolph & the Family Band @ First Avenue


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: "Not so long ago, sacred steel guitar music was confined to a smattering of House of God churches in pockets of America that included New York, Kentucky, and Florida. Then Arhoolie Records founder Chris Strachwitz made it his next passion after conjunto in the '90s, and blues and 'vernacular' music freaks caught the buzz. But Robert Randolph and his Family Band took it mainstream, appealing to jam-band fans and guitar freaks galore while touring arenas nonstop and opening for Eric Clapton and Dave Matthews, both of whom appear on RRFB's latest platter,


. While more commercial than most sacred steel acts, Randolph and company have retained the gospel fervor, pious goodwill, and soulful, funky-blues grease that makes the style so seductive. Catching them in this relatively intimate venue is a real bonus, a tactile treat that epitomizes the word 'electrifying,' even with your trusty earplugs in place."

With Rocco Deluca. 18+. $25. 8:00 p.m.


Paul Stanley @ Myth Mid-term election @ a voting booth near you

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