City Planner: Tuesday 11/21

Mad Love @ Fine Line

class=img_thumbleft>Here's what

Jim Walsh

has to say about Emily Colay, his new pet crush and singer of the Wookiefoot offshoot

Mad Love

: "Maybe the sexiest performer I've seen on a local stage since Prince. Been gypsy dancing on the Renaissance faire circuit since she was 14 (hippie parents). Opera-trained singer. Girl made me wanna smoke cigarettes after damn near every song and I don't even smoke cigarettes." He ellaborates at the

Walsh Files

: "Did I mention sexy? Dude, it wasn't just me: The four young fellas standing next to me were ready to become the three Sirens' love slaves on the spot. I talked them down, but I left early, and for all I know they got backstage and they may be Mad Love-slave roadkill by now." I think it's safe to say Walsh is a fan.

21+. With Hunab Ku, Roster McCabe, and Jake Rowan. 8 pm.

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