City Planner: Tuesday 11/14

New York Dolls @ First Avenue



today's A-List

: "Get out the leather and lipstick, garage-land ladies and lads: David Johansen's


return to the Twin Cities for the first time since their debut at Teenland at the Minnesota State Fair in 1973. You're forgiven if your Dolls delirium is tempered by the loss of the dead boys (Johnny Thunders, Jerry Nolan, and Arthur 'Killer' Kane, subject of last year's wonderful doc

New York Doll

), or the survivors' samey new studio album

One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This

. But know that David Jo is still doing the American Mick Jagger thing better than most, and these reunion shows have been garnering good reviews. Plus, as Halloween proves, everybody loves a guy dressed in drag—add drums, guitars, and songs as sweaty-good as 'Personality Crisis,' 'Who Are the Mystery Girls?,' "Trash," and 'Frankenstein,' and, well, everybody must get laid tonight."

With the Supersuckers, the Chesterfield Kings, and more. 21+. $20. 8:00 p.m.


Compagnie TcheTche @ Walker Andrea Stanislav @ MCAD Mitch Fatel @ Acme Comedy

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