City Planner: Tuesday 10/17

ADULT. @ 7th St. Entry


today's A-List

: "If Devo had formed a couple of decades later and were more interested in destruction than devolution--well, they'd probably call themselves Destro, and then Hasbro would sue them for infringing on G.I. Joe copyrights. But they'd also sound a lot like Detroit's


: cro-mag electro-punk more interested in hostility and paranoia than aloof decadence, led by a visual artist and singer in Nicola Kuperus who Lydons spectacularly. Last year's

Gimme Trouble

saw a slight shift in direction when the group added guitarist Sam Consiglio, but his presence only made the record bristle even more. Hearing him play against Adam Lee Miller's spitting retro-electronics was like the audio equivalent of a scorpion-versus-tarantula fight. Consiglio left the group earlier this year, so expect the recent material to have a different bite."

Viki opens. 21+. $10/$12. 8 pm


Knol Tate @ Nomad Tatsuya Nakatani @ Acadia 30 Seconds to Mars @ Myth Your Loving Tiger @ Turf Club Heavy Heavy Low Low @ Varsity Didier Petit, Michael Lewis & Benoit Delbecq @ Creation Audio

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