City Planner: Thursday 12/07


The Ex @ Triple Rock

class=img_thumbleft>From today's A-List: "Tear up that bus ticket, put the kibosh on that 'sick' call to work, and cancel all other plans to ditch out to New York or Chicago or who-knows-where: The Ex are finally playing Minneapolis for the first time in their 27-year history. This band of Dutch anarchists has made a career of mixing angular post-punk and calculatedly stumbling polyrhythm with poetic, political lyrics, and they've made it sound as natural and essential as drinking a glass of water. The band's artistic openness is, for lack of a better word, democratic--collaborators include members of ICP Orchestra, Tortoise, Sonic Youth, the late cellist Tom Cora, and lately Ethiopian saxophone legend Getatchew Mekuria--and it's born out of a desire to see, understand, and comprehend this nutzoid ball of rock rather than to expand their renown. Do not miss this. At frickin' last."

With DJ/rupture, STNNNG, and the Agenda. 18+. $10. 9:00 p.m.


Menstrual Tramps @ 7th St. Medeski et al @ First Avenue Aerosmith/Motley Crue @ Target Center

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