City Planner: Thursday 11/9

Demetri Martin @ Pantages


today's A-List

: "The current crop of nerdy-smart comedians--Michael Ian Black, Eugene Mirman, Rachael Harris, Aziz Ansari--are well into Phase Two of their plan for world comedy domination: Laying Siege to Late-Night Talk Shows. (Phase One was Screening Absurdist Short Films on the Internet, incidentally.) Demetri Martin is at the forefront of the movement, as his credits include appearances on Conan and Letterman in addition to having appeared at nearly every comedy festival in the known world. As evidenced by his recently released

These Are Jokes

CD/DVD, the offbeat observations that landed him the "Trendspotter" role on

The Daily Show

aren't the sole element in Martin's stand-up arsenal; his poetry, music, video, artwork, and animation are just as engaging. If his burgeoning screenwriting/acting career is any indication (three scripts in development, with a juicy part for himself in each), Phase Three: Multiplex Blitzkrieg isn't far behind."

$29.75. 8:00 p.m.


Guru @ Foundation Twin Cities Jewish Book Fair @ St. Paul JCC Six Strings & Chicken Wings @ BLB Jeff D. Johnson (CD release) @ Varsity Theater

All this and more at the A-List.

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