City Planner: Thursday 11/23

Skirt @ Uptown Bar

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: "Twin Cities musicians sure have a hard time limiting themselves to one band. The latest mash-up is Skirt, a pop-rock outfit featuring Linnea Mohn (Coach Said Not To), Scott Hefte (Seymore Saves the World, Superdanger), and Michelle Roche (um, the Mankato Symphony Orchestra). 'Born of frustration and suckled on parental warnings' is how the band describes their genesis, and this frustration comes out in interesting ways, such as stand-up drumming (as in, unseated—but it's also pretty good) and angsty lyrics ('If I die today/It's not my problem'). Catchy guitar riffs and heavy piano are this Thanksgiving act's meat and potatoes, but it's Mohn's strong voice that sets them apart from heaps of other local acts. Don't be fooled by the carefully produced tracks on their MySpace page (

)--their live sound is sloppier, but in a good way."

With Celebrity Party, the Dale Hush Hush, and Katie Marshall. 21+. Free. 9:00 p.m.


Tina Schlieske's Thanksgiving Show @ Bunker's 2007 Battle Cat Championships @ Red Sea

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