City Planner: Thursday 11/2

Lyrics Born/Cut Chemist @ Foundation


today's A-List

: "MC-producer Lyrics Born is one of the MVPs of the Bay Area's Quannum Projects collective. Like that clique's Blackalicious, he has figured out how to tap the melodic warmth, pie-eyed wit, morbidly obese bass, and onion-y rhythms of soulful funk and funky soul without compromising his hip-hop focus or coming off like a throwback crank. His voice is deep and mellow enough to do voiceover work for IMAX productions, but it's also the skeptical drawl of a veteran partier, and it's pretty much irresistible. He's not a show-off, but he spits super-fast, clearly enunciated rhymes that might make Twista jealous, or at least make him laugh (one of my favorites involves 'romantic encounters' with 'Vanity, Miss Japan, Canada, and Bananarama in the back of an Acura'). I'm a zealous fan of 2003's

Later That Day...

, remixed and reconfigured in 2005 as

Same !@#$ Different Day

. His latest album,

Overnite Encore: Lyrics Born Live

came out last week. Following a remix album with a live one is a pretty good way to say, "I'm plum out of new ideas," but that's no reason to skip the show, and the guy's supposed to be great live. Another argument for not skipping is co-headliner and LB pal Cut Chemist, the producer and scratch-master best known for his work with Jurassic 5 and Ozomatli.

21+. $14/$18 at the door. 10:00 p.m.


Heartless Bastards @ 400 Bar Placebo @ Fine Line Habib Koite @ Walker Jarrett Oulman's birthday party @ 331 Split Lip Rayfield @ First Avenue

Tons more fun at the A-List. Go there now!

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