City Planner: Thursday 11/16

Kill the Vultures (CD Release) @ 7th St.

class=img_thumbleft>From Nate Patrin's look at The Careless Flame , the new record by former Oddjobbers Kill the Vultures : "Like its self-titled predecessor, The Careless Flame is less boom-bap than thud-clank. Crescent Moon--who's going it alone on the mic for this installment, since fellow MCs Nomi and Advizer are living out of town--has a commanding grumble of a voice, like Aesop Rock with a bit more clarity and coherence. And that voice does pretty much whatever it wants to, using the beat as a suggestion instead of a guide. 'There's no real point where he's doing a normal hip-hop delivery. There's not a lot of flipping or double time or anything like that,' said producer Stephen 'Anatomy' Lewis. 'From a rhythmic standpoint, it's simple.' But with that simplicity comes a certain weirdness." Read the rest here .

With Sims and DJ Nikoless. 18+. $6. 8:00 p.m.


Fat Kid Wednesdays (CD release) @ the Cedar Skid Row @ the Rock Witchcraft @ Triple Rock Average White Band @ Rossi's Amos Lee @ the Fitz Zenon Dance @ Southern Dykes do Drag @ BLB

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