City Planner: Thursday 10/26

Negativland @ First Avenue



today's A-List

: "While they've sidelined the spectacular antics that earned the ire of sundry recording-industry bigwigs back in the 20th, plunderphonics pioneers


haven't stopped challenging consensus notions of 'intellectual property'--and being engaging as fuck about it. Built entirely from appropriated sounds, last year's

No Business

finds the California-based sound artists and media pranksters exploring copyright issues with the help of Ethel Merman, the Beatles, and former National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences president Michael Green, whose anti-downloading speech at the 2002 Grammy Awards ceremony finds its way into the unsettling 'Downloading' (with a few changes here and there, of course)."

18+. $12/$14 at the door. 7:00 p.m.


L.A. Guns @ Myth Chooglin' @ Turf Club Grassy Knolls @ Cedar G8 (CD release) @ Varsity Katherine Lanpher @ Fitzgerald Friends Like These @ Triple Rock

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