City Planner: Monday 12/11


Sean Lennon @ First Avenue

class=img_thumbleft>From today's A-List: "Friendly Fire, the new sophomore disc from John Lennon's youngest son, should prove to those who doubted the twentysomething charms of his 1998 debut that Sean inherited more than his dad's fortune. A self-consciously mature step away from the debut's haphazard salad-bowl vibe, Friendly Fire shows off Lennon's songwriting chops with dreamy folk-pop tunes that utilize plenty of studio-nerd texture. But they're really about handsome melodies and heartfelt words; the CD feels timeless and familiar in a way any Beatles fan can recognize. Opener Jim Noir, from the north of England, plays homemade orchestral pop without the aid of an actual orchestra."

18+. $15. 8:00 p.m.

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