City Planner: Monday 11/6

Sid Hartman @ Borders (Block E)


today's A-List

: "Say what you will about Sid Hartman, the

Star Tribune

's ancient sports columnist and WCCO radio's resident grumpy Gus, but the man deserves respect--or at least tolerance--for one simple reason. Dude is


. At the leathery age of 86, Hartman is just 29 years younger than the game of basketball itself, and his often-maligned but always-read column is nearly as venerable. One side effect of being old is having lived a very long time, so Hartman has his share of stories to tell. From the personal and quirky--like when he supplemented his modest newspaper salary by launching the Minneapolis Lakers basketball team--to the vague and historical, such are the nuggets that fill

Sid Hartman's Great Moments in Minnesota Sports History

." Read the rest



Free. Noon.

Elsewhere Mike Gunther @ Triple Rock The Toasters @ Triple Rock Lions in the Street @ 400 Bar

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