City Planner: Monday 11/13

POSTPONED DUE TO ILLNESS: Jonny Lang @ State Theatre


today's A-List

: "In retrospect, listening to Jonny Lang sing, 'Lie to me/And tell me everything is all right' on his lone hit, 1997's 'Lie to Me,' is like hearing a teen starlet who's too bright to ignore the ticking of his 15-minute clock. At the time, Lang was the pretty face of the American blues renaissance, but the kid's big bang fizzled as fast as it popped, leaving him to console himself with the knowledge that he would at least be better remembered than his arch-doppelganger, Kenny Wayne Shepherd. After years of being criticized for faking the blues, Lang finally had a reason for them; funny, then, that he should suddenly abandon his Stevie Ray Vaughan pose. The 2003 comeback album

Long Time Coming

was Lang's first foray into more soulful territory, and his new one,

Turn Around

, completes the journey, featuring almost entirely original material that focuses on the older-than-his-age singer's spirituality and family life (not unlike Shepherd, who converted to Catholicism after the poor dude married Mel Gibson's daughter). 'I been on the wrong track with the wrong map,' Lang sings on his new single, 'Bump in the Road.' In other words, will the gospel road signs lead him back to his audience? Don't worry, Jonny. Everything is all right."

UPDATE: The Jonny Lang show is postponed due to illness. Tickets will be honored at the rescheduled show, which will most likely happen in January. Fans left with nothing to do this evening are encouraged to see the headless grunge monster that is Alice in Chains, performing around the corner at First Ave.


Alice in Chains @ First Avenue Bettye Lavette @ Dakota

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