City Planner: Monday 10/09

Tilly and the Wall @ Triple Rock

From today's A-List: "It's not just the tap dancer, not just the Bright Eyes connection, not just the ache of high school memories that make this sweet-and-sour indie-pop group great. But it could be all three combined... Their newest album, Bottoms of Barrels, goes from straight-ahead rock to jittery electro-pop ("The Freest Man") to revved-up tango ("Bad Education"), while covering teenage cross dressers, super-powered runaways, and a boy whose frail heart crystallizes. You just might give up your own as you sing along." Read the rest here, and check out this video of the band performing "You and I Misbehaving":

18+. $10/$12 at the door. 9:00 p.m.


Bettie Serveert @ 7th St. Cyndi Lauper @ O'Shaughnessy Roe Family Singers @ 331 Punk Rock Bowling @ Memory Lanes

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