City Planner: Friday 12/1


Twisted Sister @ Myth

class=img_thumbleft>From today's A-List: "One of the most satisfying MTV moments ever occurs during the video for Twisted Sister's 'We're Not Gonna Take It.' You know, when the guitar-slinging son growls, 'I wanna rock,' and blasts his ex-military dad out the window. Because of that rock classic, and because lead singer Dee Snider also turned out to be an able radio jock, Twisted Sister have retained a grudging respect while other hair metal bands of the '80s decayed into a joke. Question: Can Twisted Sister's integrity survive a tour in support of their latest release? How about if that release is titled A Twisted Christmas? That depends on your desire to see silly interpretations of classic holiday carols by an aging metal band."

With Avian. All ages. $40/$50. 5:00 p.m.

Elsewhere Concert for Kateri @ the Cedar The Roches @ the Fitz Whisper in the Noise @ 7th St. The Pines @ 400 Student Art Sale @ MCAD

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