City Planner: Friday 12/08

Shadow Cabaret @ Patrick's Cabaret


today's A-List

: "'What you are seeing here are the crippled products of madness, impertinence, and lack of talent,' declared Adolf Ziegler, president of the Reich Culture Chamber, of 'Entartete Kunst' (translation: 'degenerate art'), the 1937 Munich exhibition meant to exemplify works unbefitting of Nazi Germany. Shudder to think what Ziegler would have thought of 'The Shadow Cabaret,' in which artist provocateur Patrick Scully and friends reprise the cabaret scene that existed before the nasty deterioration of German society. The show features dancers, musicians, and performance artists tangled in a web of past, present, and future reflections on art and politics. Scully, who has lived in Berlin, tells stories of his experiences there, while dancer Kats Fukasawa confounds gender and transcends cultural identity, and Laurie van Wieren explores such characters as the notorious Anita Berber, known in Weimar Berlin as the Priestess of Depravity. Transgender artist Venus and transgenre music groups Brass Messengers and Dreamland Faces round out this transgressive alt-holiday event."

$8. 8:00 p.m.


Anita Baker @ Orpheum God Damn Doo Wop Band @ Hexagon Byther Smith @ Famous Dave's Joanna Newsom @ 400 Bar John Lennon Tribune @ First Ave. The Who @ Xcel Blueworm Records showcase @ 7th St. Go to the A-List.

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