City Planner: Friday 10/27

Stones Throw 10th Anniversary Tour @ Triple Rock


today's A-List

: "There's indie rap, and then there's Stones Throw. The imprint that gave us Madvillain and Quasimoto also released a good number of rare funk reissues (from

The Funky 16 Corners

to Kashmere Stage Band's high school blowout T

exas Thunder Soul

), outsider weirdo-soul (Gary Wilson, Dudley Perkins), new-school underground East Coast hustlers (Roc 'C', MED), and the best sample-based record in the last five years (J Dilla's final epic, the overwhelming


). You can pick up the recent comp

Chrome Children

for a good cross section of where Stones Throw's at in '06, but it's also worth catching this live show. Label founder Peanut Butter Wolf serves as tour guide on the turntables, with appearances from Madlib (article


), Percee P, and other top-flight underground MCs."

18+. $15. 8:00 p.m.


Electric Six @ First Avenue Halloween Hootenanny IV @ the Garage Ann L. Burckhardt @ Cook's of Crocus Hill Winter Blanket (EP release) @ Turf Club Maureen Ogle @ Coffman Union Frank Morgan & George Cables @ Artists' Quarter Dracula @ State Theatre Amy Rice (closing) @ Augsburg O.A.R. @ Target Center Vince Gill @ O'Shaughnessy Kid Dakota @ Nomad The Radiators @ Trocaderos

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