City Planner: Friday 10/20

After Hours @ the Walker



today's A-List

: "The return of Walker After Hours means one thing: The return of the Targetini! Okay, that was a bit facetious. Glasses filled with those things never really hit the, uh, bull's-eye for our refined tastes. But there is a handful of other less Target-y and big box retailer-y elements that make the return of Walker After Hours an event to celebrate. First, there's the preview party for "Heart of Darkness," a surreal and mythical maze of coded environments created by artists Kai Althoff, Edgar Cleijne, Ellen Gallagher, and Thomas Hirschhorn. It's a world of nightmare fairy tales, cryptic allegories, and cultural conflicts that includes what's been described as 'subterranean anarchist passageways.' We imagine the passageways are similar in design to our intestines, which will be loaded up with goodies cooked up by Wolfgang Puck. On top of that, films by 'social theater' artist Cameron Jamie will be shown, and local musician Mike Gunther and his Restless Souls will perform their unholy hits."

$20. 8:00 p.m. to midnight.


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