Cinderella Man 2: Crowe vs. Bierko, Opie vs. Jethro

Hillbilly no more-- Jethro today

Max Baer, Jr., who stole the show on The Beverly Hillbillies as Jethro Bodine, is fightin' mad at Ron Howard, the director formerly known as Opie. Max claims that Ron's new movie, Cinderella Man, is unfair to his father, boxer Max Baer, who is portrayed in the film as the villain. Meanwhile, after Craig Bierko, who plays Max's dad, said that Russell Crowe never spoke to him during the entire shoot, Crowe replied that Bierko needed so much remedial acting help that there was no time for chit-chat. (Still, Crowe admits that he didn't invite Bierko to his 40th birthday party deliberately.) Don't know what Craig and Russ should do to solve their conflict, but maybe Max and Ron could settle it with a rasslin' match on the next TV-Land awards show -- the winner gets to throw the loser into the cee-ment pond.

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