Chuck Love on fighting parrots, being extra funky


With Minneapolis maestro Chuck Love, you can forget about a typical DJ set -- fold that notion up and cram it deep in the pocket of that coat you won't need at his set tonight. Live instrumentation is a hallmark of Chuck's performances, and it's a thrill to see him pick up a trumpet, flute, or guitar and add improvisational touches to his impeccable selection of records. In many cases, those records were created by Love himself, as he's a prolific studio wizard in addition to his considerable skill as a live performer. If you remember your physics, you know that heat rises, so it's entirely fitting that Love will play in the Loft above Barfly, which has become a regular stop for dance music fans in the Cities. However, tonight, the Loft will host an array of guests and music fans of every stripe, all hoping to warm their spirits with a dose of Love. So, leave the frigid weather and holiday preparations for Thursday, and be sure to wear something you can peel off. Tonight, we sweat.

Well, after we interview.

CP: Are you still based in Minneapolis? Do you have plans to move? Still based here, no plans to move at the moment, but really moving all the time with the Lovetour.

CP: Is "Bring Enough To Spill Some" on Om your first widely released album? How has the process been challenging and/or exciting? Yes it is my first Long form artist album. The challenge was to take my diverse musical background link it to my life long interest in electronic music and lock it down to the 4/4 house beatmixed format. It's very exciting in that I think I have found a really good fit to do what I do from the DJ box.

CP: Tell us something funny about making the album. Having to incorporate the parrot squawks into the tracks. "Giveitupsista" includes "Flip the Bird" saying C'mon. He charged me $100 bucks and a months supply of pizza crust.


CP: What's your live show like? My show is based on my production, and I get to present that as well as add the live solo instruments and vocals I do to make the show aspect of it a little different than what people are used to seeing with a usual DJ night.

CP: Describe for us a typical day in the life of Chuck Love.

Fight with attack parrots on the way to the French press for some dark roast. Pack a suitcase and encourage my girlfriend Batia to include "special underpants" in hers. Have our driver (Pop Love) take us to the airport where we fight like Fred and Ethyl over the treat bags that Mom Love packed, board our jet....(which we share with 130 other people).... Touchdown, Soundcheck, and get whisked to our hotel, and climb into fuzzy white robes (The mark of a dope hotel). Chow some room service, and take disco nap. Roll up to the club and start bobbing head. Tune guitars, plug in, drop set, raise roof, continue bobbing head. Pack stuff with Batia and vanish into the night with the subwoofers still smoldering. Remind Batia of "special underpants," fuzzy white robes, airport , airplane, and home, where I fight off attack parrots.