Christina Aguilera's new album art: Remind you of anything?

Excuse us while we have a little celebrity gossip moment, but this is too blatant to ignore. When we got news of Christina Aguilera's new album artwork in our inbox this morning, it left us scratching our heads. After all of the gossip and rumors accusing Aguilera of ripping off Lady Gaga's style last year, it's no wonder that Aguilera's new record and image are taking a sharp turn -- you'd think, in order to avoid being compared to any other significantly more talented, enterprising, and trend-setting up-and-comers, she'd try to steer clear of even remotely copying anyone else's aesthetic. You'd think.

But here's Christina's new album cover:

Christina Aguilera's new album art: Remind you of anything?

Which immediately, strongly reminded us of this:

Christina Aguilera's new album art: Remind you of anything?

Notice any similarities?

Aguilera's also apparently exploring a musical style similar to Monae's genre-infusing pop/electro/soul; from Christina's latest press release:

Bionic features songs co-written by Aguilera along with her much buzzed about collaborations including Sia, Tricky Stewart, Polow Da Don, Le Tigre, Hill & Switch, and Ladytron among others. Aguilera notes, "Working on this album with so many talented artists and producers that I admire was really an amazing experience. The artists I chose to work with added so many unique sonic layers to Bionic. My intention was to step into their world and what they do combined with my own vision and sound. The results were magic."

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