Christina Aguilera and Le Tigre's boy-hating banger

Christina Aguilera and Le Tigre's boy-hating banger

Correction: It's been brought to everyone's attention that this song is not the Le Tigre/Christina collaboration, that song is titled "My Girls". This information seems to support the general theme of the below. Sincerest apologies.

Odd that the first music from Le Tigre in years is a pretty straightforward club banger for Christina Aguilera, a reductive little ditty about using your butt to hate boys (they suck!) that love you (all men are dogs!). When the collaboration was announced last year, I don't think I was the only one who was genuinely excited at the prospect of a major pop star getting an integrity makeover by some of the most easily respected women on the planet. Sometimes your plans fall through. Johanna flew out to LA and wrote about working with the X:

...what made me feel at home as an artistic collaborator was that the space [Xtina] had to be creative in was also filled with cool art and beautiful books and tons of notepads and a million great pens. Curling up in sweatpants, puzzling over lyrics and checking her blackberry while the beat loops forever. . . Hey Christina is just like us after all! She is totally cool and hilarious and down-to-earth.

While the song below is just a preview, it leaves one about as excited for Christina Aguilera's new album as one was two minutes previous to clicking 'Play'. Either totes, or way whatever. Which side of the line?

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